Key Surgical UK’s Brush Portfolio has Expanded

At Key Surgical, we aim to support you throughout the whole reprocessing cycle, whether in CSSD or Endoscopy. We have expanded our range of pipe cleaners, general cleaning brushes, instrument cleaning brushes, endoscope brushes, and channel cleaning brushes to cover all your manual cleaning needs.

Key Surgical UK Introduces TWRAP Plus

Our new Transport Wrap Plus is now stronger and more resistant to punctures, rips and tears.

Lyngsoe X-Tracking™ Solution

The Lyngsoe X-Tracking™ solution is the ideal solution to solve location tracking issues within a busy hospital and its web based simple search is especially suited for healthcare users.

RFiD Discovery – The Track And Trace Experts For Healthcare

RFiD Discovery is the recognised brand name for radio frequency identification solutions for the healthcare industry from Paragon ID, a global leader in identification solutions. Used in a growing number of hospitals across the UK for over 12 years, RFiD Discovery is the number one choice for active and passive RFID systems.

Improving Medical Device Cleaning And Disinfection

Talley Group are the UKs largest privately owned provider of specialist pressure area care (PAC) support surfaces for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers.

Edan Medical UK Showcasing At The Clinical Engineering Conference 2019

Since 1995, Edan has started focusing on creating remarkable medical devices and providing efficient healthcare solutions for our customers.

Ultramedic's Fluke Test Range

Ultramedic will be showing the full range of Fluke test equipment, including the New Gas Flow Analyser with Anaesthesia Tester VT900A + VAPOR. This compact, lightweight device expands your testing capability to vaporisers.

Bioquell To Highlight Bio-Decontamination Solutions For Reduced Risk Of Healthcare-Associated Infections

Latest developments utilising Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour help avoid unexpected, costly incidents, limit the impact of an outbreak & ensure patient safety.

The Tristel Sporicidal Wipe

Tried and trusted in more than 45 countries for 16 years, the Tristel Trio Wipes System is the world’s most widely approved, validated and used wipes system for semi-critical medical devices. It is compliant with all the latest European legal requirements for a medical device disinfectant applied manually.

Visit Us On Stand 28 At IPS To See How Infection Prevention Is Changing

Schülke – experts in infection prevention and control – are supporting the QIST (Quality Improvement for Surgical Teams) project. This unique collaborative is driving forward improvements for patients by ‘scaling up’ interventions, such as screening and the use of bodywash and nasal gel treatments to reduce infections.

SureWash: Facilitating More Effective Hand Hygiene Training To Improve Compliance In The WHO Technique

SureWash is a cost-effective hand hygiene training system teaching the WHO technique using advanced computer technology. An estimated quarter of a million deaths per year are as a result of hospital acquired infections and the WHO and CDC believes that 50% of these deaths are as a result of poor hand hygiene.

Vernacare: Visit Us On Stand 45

Vernacare have revolutionised the experience of healthcare professionals, patients and residents for over 50 years, transforming the standards of practice within healthcare environments across the globe through manufacturing excellence.

Infection Prevention Innovation From Diversey

Diversey understands the critical needs and challenges faced by healthcare providers, with the aim of reducing risks, improving patient outcomes and minimising environmental impact.

IPS Conference: The Launch Of SC Johnson Professional's Full Sanitiser Range

Exhibiting for the first time as SC Johnson Professional, the company will launch their full sanitiser range at this September’s IPS Conference. Introducing the only complete range of hand sanitisers now including foam, gel and alcohol free formats, there will be lots of reasons to visit including prizes to be won on the stand.

Winter Is Coming! Prevent Outbreaks With Rapid POCT Flu Detection This Season With Xpert® Xpress Flu/RSV

Discover Xpert® Xpress Flu/RSV: Rapid, on-demand, best-in-class results everywhere this flu season. Detect it. Manage it. What impact would rapid flu detection in 30 minutes have on your winter pressure strategy this year? Hear for yourself @ Infection Prevention 2019.

Infection prevention ‘robot’

In the modern healthcare environment, antimicrobial resistance is becoming an ever increasing concern.

Baxter And Cosmed Announce Partnership To Bring Next-Generation Indirect Calorimitry Device, Q-NRG+, To Support Clinical Nutrition Globally

Baxter International Inc. (NYSE: BAX), a global leader in clinical nutrition, and COSMED srl, a worldwide leader in the design of metabolic systems for clinical and human performance applications, today announced an agreement to commercialise Q-NRG+, a metabolic monitoring device utilizing indirect calorimetry technology.

Expanding The Use Of Ultrasound

Fujifilm may be most widely known as a company dedicated to photography, but healthcare technology is rooted in the company’s very beginnings. From early innovations in X-ray film to modern imaging technology, medical informatics, regenerative medicine, biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals, the solutions Fujifilm develops are for the purpose of improving patient care and outcomes.

Environmental cleaning

Environmental cleaning in health and social care environments is a key intervention in infection prevention. By maintaining a clean and sanitary environment, your facility can improve patient satisfaction while reducing the transmission of infections and re-admissions.

Premium Warming Range

Mistral-Air premium warming products are available from Central Medical Supplies (CMS), which has extensive expertise in providing hospital Trusts with patient warming products.