Dynamic Operating Table Mattress System

The Dynamic Operating Table Mattress System is a unique technology developed to prevent the risk of pressure ulcers in patients undergoing lengthy surgical procedures, for those who are already vulnerable to the development of pressure ulcers, or for those who already have these wounds in existence prior to surgery.

Treating pressure ulcers costs the NHS £1.4 million every day. The perioperative period may be the time for many patients when they are at most risk of developing pressure ulcers.  

Pressure ulcers can occur as a direct result of surgery such as immobility, tissue tolerance, interface pressure, shear, friction, intensity and duration of pressure, hypothermia, hypotension, extra corporal circulation, type of anaesthesia, surgery type and equipment used.

The Dynamic Operating Table Mattress uses a system of ‘active’ cells, which inflate and deflate in a sequence designed to provide the optimum preservation of circulation during surgery. If the patient is kept moving throughout lengthy procedures, it greatly reduces the risk of pressure ulcers forming, and can reduce the possibility of shear stress.

It also has a unique Static mode for use during micro surgery where reduced movement is preferred, yet maintaining a high level of pressure relief. For maxilla facial surgery, it is common for the head section to be replaced with memory foam for stability while maintaining the pressure relief from the rest of the body.

A ¾ or ½ mattress is also ideal for the Lithotomy position whereby extra pressure is placed on the back, head and neck. The mattress can also be used in conjunction with other manufacturers warming blankets/bear huggers and gels.

Features include:

  • Maximum patient weight of 260kg (41 stone)
  • Minimum patient weight of 19kg (3 stone)
  • Range sizes to fit all table designs and manufacturers
  • Suitable for patients High/Very High Risk for most procedures over 24hrs 

For further information, visit: https://teasdale-healthcare.com/product/dynamic-operating-table-air-mattress-and-pump/



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