Löwenstein Medical JOYCEclinic FF - Single use Patient Interface

Löwenstein Medical a manufacturer for over thirty years produce high quality, precise German made ventilation devices, accessories and consumables.

Disinfection to tackle Coronavirus

Coronaviruses (CoVs) are enveloped viruses, which means that the virus is held within a lipid envelope. Despite the serious nature of the disease some of these enveloped viruses can cause, they are easily compromised by most disinfectants.

Early detection of patient deterioration

Early identification is key in the prevention and treatment of serious conditions such as sepsis. However, early indicators can present subtly making detection difficult and subjective.

FIT guided referral pathway during COVID-19 crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic has made the management of patients with suspected colorectal cancer more challenging due to the restrictions placed on endoscopy resources.

Next Generation, No-Touch UV Disinfection Technology

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic in the coming months, hospitals and healthcare facilities will be implementing rigorous infection control protocols to try to control any second wave of coronavirus.

Ecolab Complete Their Low Residue Line Up

Ecolab’s popular Klercide Low Residue Quat (KLRQ) range, a quaternary ammonium‐based daily disinfectant for cleanrooms is now complemented with the addition of Klerwipe Low Residue Quat impregnated Mop Wipes.

Fight SARS-CoV-2 with patented air disinfection technology

Since the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19, interest in air disinfection has increased rapidly. With researchers around the world looking into how the virus has spread so quickly, many arrows are pointing to airborne transmission.

Joining The IDSc Will Give You Access To Technical Help And Advice

For over 50 years, the IDSc has been at the forefront of decontamination sciences in the UK through a respected and renowned education and training programme.

Avensys Provide Solution to Surplus Medical Equipment – Managed Storage

Avensys have provided a managed storage solution for NHS and private hospitals for 15 years. A 50,000 ft2 climate-controlled warehouse provides perfect storage conditions and equipment receives regular mechanical/ electrical/ battery/software checks by a resident team of biomedical engineers to ensure it is patient ready when you have need of it.

Demand for Air free patient warming technology soars in response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way in which we care for patients and has challenged the safety of our healthcare workforce.

New Pulpmatic Eco+ Protects Patients, Budgets And The Planet

Hospitals and care homes can safeguard patients, cut costs and save the planet – with an advanced new medical pulp macerator from infection control specialist DDC Dolphin. New Pulpmatic Eco+ is the most hygienic, economical and environmentally friendly medical pulp macerator of its kind in the world.

New COVID-19 antibody test for humans

IDvet, a company specialising in the development and production of diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious diseases in farm animals, has announced the commercial launch of a COVID–19 (SARS-CoV-2) antibody test for humans.

Ingenica Solutions 360 IM: improving inventory management during the Covid 19 outbreak

Whilst we all face this crisis together, Ingenica Solutions continues to play a prominent role in reshaping and supporting the healthcare supply chain and procurement landscape. The coronavirus pandemic is severely impacting inventory management in the NHS, particularly those hospitals without innovative systems in place to help them, and especially for PPE equipment.

The Science of Safe Surfaces

Effective surface disinfection has never had a more crucial part to play in helping keep hospitals safe for both staff and patients. It is well documented that human coronaviruses can survive for days on inanimate objects.

Mediplus Capnomask™. Fast, reliable anaesthesia monitoring

Through medical device innovation we improve patient care. We do so by working with global health care professionals to develop new and innovative, patient centric, medical devices that benefit patients and health providers.

The NEW intelligent and space-saving washer disinfector solution for the CSSD

In the planning of a sterile services whether that be in preparation for replacement of existing equipment or the design of a new facility, it presents certain challenges of maximising the given space for key equipment within the department.

Versatile operating tables

The new Smarter Practico is designed to improve ergonomics and increase the range of posture possibilities for clinical teams positioning patients during surgery. With three different models to choose from, these tables push the boundaries of operating table height, enhancing comfort of the whole surgical team.

The science of safe surfaces - mikrozid® for surface disinfection against COVID-19

Surface cleaning has never been more critical than in the current COVID-19 pandemic. Public Health England advised in April 2020 that ‘There is evidence from other coronaviruses of the potential for widespread contamination of patient rooms or environments, so effective cleaning and decontamination is vital.’

Ensure safe human waste management with Vernacare

For more than 50 years, Vernacare has been providing solutions that help to reduce the risk of cross infection to patients and healthcare professionals. Following the recent covid-19 outbreak, ensuring safe human waste management has never been more crucial and Vernacare has been supplying essential products such as disposable pulp containers and hospital macerators to help the fight against coronavirus.

NHS Supply Chain Framework Lists Bender UK Clinical Products

Bender UK clinical solutions are now available to purchase on the NHS Supply Chain framework. The new framework started on 14 April 2020 and will run for a minimum of 23 months. It offers an effective route to market for clinical technologies, at highly competitive prices, to provide a whole theatre solution for clinical Procurement, EBME and Capital Projects teams.