Exclusive distributor agreement

Ulverston-based Bender UKhas signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Merivaara of Finland to supply operating tables to hospitals and healthcare facilities in the UK and the Republic Ireland.

Disposable bronchoscope

Central Medical Supplies(CMS) has been chosen by medical device company Axess Vision Technology as the sole UK distributor for its single use endoscope range. Broncoflex, a single use bronchoscope that is available in two sizes.

Improving strength and natural function

Designed to help a person with reduced mobility stand from a seated position and facilitate their transfer to another surface, the Switch, available from Joerns Healthcare, actively encourages the user to participate in the standing process.

Pain management system

Smiths Medical, has released the CADDSolis ambulatory infusion pump version 4.1, which the medical device manufacturer says sets the foundation for wireless communication globally.

Lithotomy stirrups for built-in patient safety

Whether it’s gynaecology, urology, proctology - or increasingly procedures such as laparoscopic oesophageal hernia repairs - surgical access and patient safety (in terms of the control and manoeuvrability of their legs and hip joints) are important factors.

Reducing the risk of contamination

The Cantel Endo SmartCap with extended CO2 source tubing is designed to connect directly to CO2 insufflators.

UVC Technology from Diversey

Diversey is a facilitator for life that offers healthcare providers an extensive range of products which enable and support highly effective cleaning, hygiene and infection prevention strategies using the right choice and combination for their specific requirements.

Oxford Biosystems - SD Biosensor

Reducing the impact of serious infections is an aim that manufacturers and suppliers of point of care tests take very seriously. SD Biosensor (Korea) is a company specialising in the development of in vitro diagnostics to provide fast and accurate diagnosis of infection.

Innovative Fully Autonomous Mobile Robot for UV-C Disinfection

UVD Robots supplies innovative, fully autonomous mobile robotic based UV-C disinfection solutions to the healthcare industry. With focus on patient rooms, operating theatres and public areas, the UVD Robot can be easily integrated as a highly effective and efficient conclusion to any cleaning process.

aqua-tools - Infection Control Solution

aqua-tools - Infection Control Solution is an innovative company that manufactures Latest Generation of Point-of-Use Water Filters with longer performance life extended up to 4 months to reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) and annual cost.

Revolutionary Technology from Zoono

Lasting for up to 30 days on any treated surface and up to 24 hours on the skin. This revolutionary technology significantly reduces the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi (mould) and yeasts. Zoono is water based, alcohol free, non-toxic and provides unique, proven long lasting protection.

Bioquell to Exhibit at IPC London 2019

Bioquell is a well-established global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance bio-decontamination solutions for risk reduction within the healthcare, life science and pharmaceutical industries. The UK-based company operates worldwide through its own sales offices and international distributor network.

Automated endoscope reprocessor

The RapidAERpass-through automated endoscope reprocessor from Cantel UK offers high standards of reliability, productivity and flexibility. RapidAER has been designed and manufactured to meet the increasing demands of a modern endoscopy department.

Infection Prevention with Lonza

Lonza is one of the world’s leading suppliers to the pharmaceutical, biotech and speciality ingredients markets. As an integrated solutions provider, Lonza is boosting its value creation along and beyond the Healthcare Continuum® with a strong focus on patient healthcare, consumer preventive healthcare and consumers’ healthy environment.

Fulfilling a promise to Mosul with point-of-care ultrasound

Mosul, Iraq’s second city, is slowly rebuilding its healthcare infrastructure after years of war and destruction. Dr Henryk Pich, a consultant anaesthetist and intensive care physician at the University of Dresden, Germany, visited the region soon after the fighting had ended, supported by the independent aid organisation CADUS. Moved by the makeshift treatment centres he witnessed in the hospital ruins, he promised the skeleton team of local doctors at the paediatric hospital that he would return, bringing with him much needed equipment and training resources.

What to expect at the 2019 EBME Expo

EBME chairman, Dr John Sandham, discusses what to expect at the 2019 EBME Expo. The EBME Expo is an independent educational event bringing together healthcare professionals that are responsible for the management of medical equipment.

New Development From STERIS

STERIS introduces exciting new development in low temperature and high temperature sterilization with the launch of the V-PRO™ maX 2 Sterilizer and the AMSCO 600 Steam Sterilizer.

Why use Chemical Washers rather than Thermal?

AquaPhase Equipment Washers are an efficient way for hospitals to disinfect beds, ward equipment, rails, commodes, wheelchairs, etc. within Estates and Facilities, Operational Services, and Hotel Services departments. AquaPhase machines have been established for over 20 years, washing and disinfecting medical equipment in a healthcare environment.

Taking Traceability Digital

The Tristel Traceability App provides traceability in a smart and efficient way. It comprises a Smart App to record every Tristel disinfection event and a Web Portal for data analysis and reporting.

Enthermics ivNow® Fluid Warmers Available From Central Medical Supplies

Updated Enthermics ivNow® fluid warming products, with new features, are now available from Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS). Enthermics is a pioneering company in the patient warming arena and CMS has been the UK distributor of Enthermics warming equipment for over fifteen years.