Is a lubricant a contaminant or a crucial necessity for maintaining the proper operation of a surgical instrument?

Most instrument manufacturers recommend the use of lubrication to ensure the correct functioning of their surgical instruments and to minimise wear and tear, thus extending the life of the instrument.

Single Use Surgical on Surgical Smoke

Surgical smoke is a significant chemical and biological hazard and has shown to be as mutagenic as cigarette smoke. Electrosurgery units which use high- frequency current to cut and coagulate tissue are the most common at forming surgical smoke plume. One study found that on average the smoke produced daily was equivalent to the amount produced by 27 30 cigarettes.

Action® Pressure Management Range Available from Central Medical Supplies

The Action® range of pressure ulcer prevention products are exclusively available in the UK from Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS). Action® uses its unique, patented Akton® viscoelastic polymer for its pressure ulcer prevention products.

ClearLite™ anaesthetic face mask from Intersurgical – A clear vision for the future

Intersurgical’s ClearLite™ is a new range of phthalate- and PVC-free anaesthetic face masks available with or without a hook ring, offering a clear choice to reduce your impact on the environment.

Medstor Module Carts – Enhancing The Healing Environment In Children’s Wards

Receiving treatment in hospital can be a stressful experience, especially for children. Medstor has developed a special mobile module cart for children’s wards that uses bright colours and cheerful cartoon-style jungle images to help distract the young patients from the treatment they are receiving, making a potentially difficult time a little easier.

The Future of Paediatric Imaging

By Dr. Diku Mandavia A premature infant with sepsis and the tiniest veins receives precisely targeted, lifesaving medications intravenously.

Flexible Endoscope Decontamination – new verifiable CPD

Schülke – experts in infection prevention – have just announced the launch of a new online CPD accredited course, designed in conjunction with the Institute of Decontamination Sciences (IDSc).

First multi-site installation of HORIBA Medical’s new HELO modular automated haematology platform

HORIBA UK Ltd, Medical announces the go live of the first multi-site installation of its new HELO high throughput fully automated haematology platform within the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. This is enabling efficient and secure cross city haematology working in Cardiff via a single virtual server.

Introduction to the SteriSense® Bowie Dick Test

SteriSense® is a reliable and cost efficient Electronic Bowie Dick Test that provides you with verification of critical sterilisation parameters beyond that of chemical indicators. The Bowie Dick test, also referred to as a steam penetration test, is used for daily routine control of steam sterilisers to verify that they perform in accordance with ISO 17665.

Helping healthcare professionals reduce endoscope-related infections

Getinge is providing healthcare professionals with a complete solution to overcome endoscope-related infection challenges.

Compact fluid warmer

The Association of Anaesthetists recently published a study entitled ‘Aluminium release by coated and uncoated fluid warming devices’, which highlighted the risk of aluminium absorption from uncoated fluid warming devices.The 37Company’s Fluido Compact blood and fluid warmer, available in the UK from Central Medical Supplies (CMS), is a coated device.

Integrated workflow system

The Canexis integrated workflow solution from Cantel links data and decision-making to support the efficient operation of critical hospital departments.

Protecting staff and patients

Environmental cleaning in health and social care environments is a key intervention in infection prevention. By maintaining a clean and sanitary environment, your facility can improve patient satisfaction while reducing the transmission of infections and re-admissions

Solution & blanket warming cabinets

Designed specifically for use in hospitals, the LTE Kingfisher range of solution and blanket warming cabinets is designed to provide an accurate and cost-effective means for storing and warming a wide variety of clinical items such as irrigation and infusion liquids, filled syringes, ointments, lotions and blankets.

thermosept® PAA for the disinfection of flexible endoscopes

thermosept® PAA is a two component disinfection system specifically designed for use in Automated Endoscope Reprocessors (AED).

Finsen Technologies is an award winning British manufacturer which specialises in UVC disinfection.

Finsen is delighted to introduce the highest UVC technology, Thor UVC®, to the NHS and private healthcare sector. Thor UVC® is the very latest high-powered disinfection robot, capable of destroying MDROs and persistent superbugs that linger in operating theatres, patient wards and isolation rooms.

Momentum Bioscience on sepsis

Momentum Bioscience is focused on developing rapid tests for patients suspected of sepsis.

Getinge launches S-8668T Washer-Disinfector

Getinge is today announcing the launch of the new S-8668T model in the 86-series Washer-Disinfectors which has been developed to increase reprocessing throughput within the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD). With the turbo multitasking technology available for the S-8668T model, processing time can be cut by up to 25% and thereby reduce overall utility consumption.

OrthoD Group Ltd announces global rebrand to Summit Medical Group Ltd

OrthoD Group Ltd is delighted to announce the launch of its global rebrand to Summit Medical Group Ltd. The new Group website, refreshed logo and messaging capture the continuing evolution of the brand’s purpose to ‘support healthcare for better patient outcomes’.

Sterile single-use valves

With over 30 steps to proper manual cleaning and reprocessing of Biopsy, Air/Water, and Suction Valves, the DEFENDO range, designed by Cantel, eliminates the tedious and risky process from cleaning and reprocessing.

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Central Sterilising Club 60th Anniversary Annual Scientific Meeting

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Upcoming Events

EBME Expo 2021

Marshall Arena, Stadium MK, Milton Keynes Stadium Way West Milton Keynes MK1 1ST
30th June - 1st July

Central Sterilising Club 60th Anniversary Annual Scientific Meeting

Crowne Plaza, Bridge Foot, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6YR
4th - 5th April