JRI Orthopaedics joins worldwide fight against Coronavirus

Sheffield healthcare company JRI Orthopaedics has shipped more than 300 boxes of protective equipment to China to help hospital staff fight the spread of the Coronavirus.

PHE rolls out test for coronavirus

The novel corona virus diagnostic test developed by Public Health England (PHE) is being rolled out to laboratories across the UK starting on 10 February 2020. The increase in diagnostic capacity from one laboratory in London to 12 labs over the coming weeks, will accelerate the country’s testing capabilities.

UK Company at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus

GAMA Healthcare, a UK-based company in the field of infection prevention technology, is leading the fight against the spread of Wuhan Novel Coronavirus. The GAMA China team have played a pivotal role in getting the disinfectant products to the worst affected areas.

Biomedical scientists on the alert for coronavirus

With news of the coronavirus globally affecting over 800 people, Public Health England has issued guidelines for hospital laboratories in the likelihood of any cases in the UK. Public fears are growing, but biomedical scientists who specialise in viruses and viral diseases are prepared should cases reach their hospitals.

Operating Theatres – The Engine Room Of The Hospital

Preventing and controlling infection is the cornerstone of great healthcare, yet nurses, doctors and clinicians struggle to keep up with ever-mutating pathogens which are constantly adapting and adjusting to their environment.