Efficient scope reprocessing at Pinderfields

A state-of-the-art centralised decontamination centre at Pinderfields Hospital is providing safe and efficient endoscope reprocessing for the Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust, using an end-to-end solution from Wassenburg Medical. The Clinical Services Journal provides an insight into the phased project and looks at how the central hub has evolved.

The correct pH for instrument reprocessing

Alan Abbatt offers an insight into ensuring the correct pH for detergents, to optimise the decontamination of surgical instruments. He considers why pH is important and examines the available guidance.

Green endoscopy: a call to action

At the Central Sterilising Club (CSC) Autumn study day, on the 10th October 2022, in Manchester, sustainability was high on the agenda. The event included some thought-provoking discussions on how the environmental impact of decontamination and endoscopy departments could be minimised. Louise Frampton reports.

Raising standards in decontamination

CSJ spoke to the new chair of the Institute of Decontamination Sciences (IDSc), Trevor Garcia, about the organisation’s direction for the future, its ambitions to drive standards in the sector, and the need for culture change in decontamination science. He believes there is a need to ‘get back to basics’.

Getting back to basics with IP&C

One of Europe’s largest Infection Prevention and Control Conferences is set to take place in Birmingham at The National Conference Centre. The two-day event will bring together over 800 attendees each day to explore the latest initiatives from the IP&C Arena.

Antimicrobial resistance: a silent pandemic?

The future of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) depends on what we do today. Better diagnostics, infection prevention, and surveillance are vital factors in the fight against AMR, argues Greg Quinn.

How digital tools can advance surgical performance

CSJ spoke to Charles Pallandt, chief commercial officer at Incision, to find out how digital tools for education and training could support operating theatre teams to improve performance, reduce delays and improve safety.

Safe surgery checklists: final conclusions

Following a series of articles in the February and March editions of CSJ, on the barriers operating theatre teams face in relation to the WHO Safe Surgery Checklist, Nigel Roberts concludes with a report on a third and final Delphi study round.

Delayed transfers from hospital: are there solutions?

Kate Woodhead RGN DMS looks at the reasons behind delayed transfers from hospital, the proposed solutions and strategies, and the challenges ahead.

Technology role in tackling the backlog

Dr. Constantin Jabarin discusses the role of EPR clinical decision support in tackling the backlog, in light of challenging targets being set by the Government

The evolution of PCR diagnostics

James Beckett explains how the use of molecular point of care testing (POCT) has seen exponential growth in recent years, from its hospital-based origins to its widespread community use for detection of infections, sexual health screening and, more recently, respiratory disease diagnosis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tackling injury risk linked to lack of ergonomics

Is there an issue with ergonomics in surgery and can instrument design help take the strain? Michael Parden highlights the importance of preventing musculoskeletal pain and injury within the surgical community

Minimising infection risk in ultrasound

Point of care ultrasound has become an indispensable tool in ICUs and Emergency Departments, but with studies identifying high levels of contamination on ultrasound probes, how can healthcare providers minimise the infection risks and improve safety for patients? Olivier Mazille calls for improvement and standardisation of disinfection processes.

Arab Health success for UK HealthTech

CSJ spoke to ABHI’s head of international events, Michelle Michelucci, about this year’s action-packed programme and why the show continues to provide such an influential platform.

HSIB warns of lack of patient information at the bedside

NHS staff may not always be able to access accurate, critical information at the hospital bedside during life-threatening emergencies, a new report from the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch has warned.

Importance of detecting pathogens in water

A recent trial has highlighted the value of water testing for the early detection of infection outbreaks, to enable health and care providers to implement robust infection prevention measures. However, water testing can offer a valuable contribution to IP&C in a variety of ways – from epidemiology and environmental monitoring, to ensuring the safety of medical devices.

CSC: highlighting top priorities in decontamination

The Central Sterilising Club Annual Scientific Meeting provides an excellent learning opportunity for all those involved in decontamination. With a focus on extending knowledge and improving practice, this year’s event promises to provide a platform for discussion around the key challenges ahead, as well as reflections on lessons learnt. CSJ provides an insight into the hot topics being discussed

Government unveils MedTech strategy

Using MedTech effectively will be critical for reducing waiting lists, as well as improving outcomes for patients. The Government has set out its key priorities for supporting MedTech innovation and adoption, while ensuring a sustainable and resilient supply chain

A deeper dive into safe surgery barriers

Nigel Roberts provides an insight into a second Delphi study investigating the views of operating theatre teams on the surgical safety checklist and Local Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures.

New safety standards for invasive procedures

Kate Woodhead RGN DMS provides an insight into the second National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures, aimed at improving patient safety. She welcomes the new standards and hopes that theatre teams will fully engage with them.

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