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UV Smart collaborates with the healthcare sector to enhance safety and sustainability through UV-C light disinfection technology. It prioritizes partnerships, aiming to reduce healthcare-associated infections and improve operational efficiencies, all while upholding sustainability. UV Smart's solutions, grounded in clinical evidence and environmental awareness, are tailored to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers and their patients.

By fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, UV Smart enables healthcare facilities to provide cost-effective, efficient care. This approach aligns with our shared vision of a safer and more sustainable healthcare ecosystem. For more information: www.uvsmart.nl

Leader in offering effective and sustainable solutions through ‘’The Green standard’’

The Green standard is a compliant and sustainable approach to facilitate the integration of UV-C disinfection devices into hospital current workflows.

Visit our website to know more about the Green standard.

UV Smart product range

UV Smart offers a wide range of CE certified disinfection solutions for different applications.

ENT and Cardiology

The UV Smart D60, powered by ImpeluxTM, a UV-C light technology, disinfects in 60 seconds channel-less flexible ENT endoscopes and TEE probes. This revolutionary disinfection system offers automated, consistent and traceable High-Level Disinfection, that preserves the integrity of the endoscope or TEE probe and is compatible with major endoscopes manufacturers.

 Gynecology and Urology

Designed for healthcare teams prioritizing patient safety and workflow efficiency, the UV Smart D45 provides fast, automated, and traceable disinfection for ultrasound probes.Its instant high-level disinfection process, free from consumables, helps mitigate the risk of infections, including STDs and HPV spread, ensuring both infection control and sustainability.

Multiple departments

The UV Smart D25+, disinfects in 25 seconds, noninvasive medical equipment’s  as well as rigid ENT endoscopes and wireless ultrasound probes. The UV Smart D25+ can be used in various departments such as neonatology, ENT, gynecology, biomed departments, emergency rooms and more.


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