Latest research on heart failure risks

Heart Failure, the annual congress of the Heart Failure Association (HFA) of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), provided the latest insights into the health risks that are linked with development of heart failure and technology that could help identify patients at risk of deteriorating.

VHP: delivering efficiencies for CSSDs

Randal Eveland, PhD, explains how vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP) sterilisers can offer improved device compatibility, as well as significantly reducing reprocessing time.

Respiratory testing: learning lessons

David Persing discusses the lessons learnt from the pandemic in terms of the development of diagnostic tests and the management of respiratory viruses. He warns that the need for rapid, sensitive, and definitive results is now even more pressing

Tackling capacity in cancer care

The NHS is facing a staffing crisis in cancer care, but could a review of cancer and diagnostics staffing and career pathways reverse waiting times?

Advancing endoscopy with Blackbox Innovations

PENTAX Medical’s Harald Huber and Michael Unger discuss key trends and innovation in endoscopy, with The Clinical Services Journal. They highlight some of the key developments that are expected to advance endoscopy in terms of safety, productivity, and clinical outcomes

Reducing hair loss for chemotherapy patients

The world’s first Scalp Cooling Summit took place digitally on 5th of May. Hosted by Paxman, the Summit bought together innovative world leaders in oncology and research to talk about their scalp cooling experience and learn from each other’s perspectives, advancing the future of side effect management in cancer care. What can our cancer centres in Britain learn from those pushing the boundaries of supportive cancer care internationally?

Vascular care: the heart of the matter

Dr. Nick West discusses how the response to COVID-19 has provided a blueprint for a vascular care revolution. He warns that we cannot afford to miss the opportunity to reassess how best to treat those affected by cardiovascular disease, in light of everything we have learned during the pandemic.

Kettering hospital makes EDI a priority

Carol Verner, interim head of equality, diversity and inclusion, Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, provides an insight into how the organisation is improving the workplace for its employees.

Enter a new era of surgical innovation

The practice of surgery is changing faster than at any time in the past, driven by a new wave of impressive technologies. CSJ delves into the upcoming Future Surgery 2022, which will give visitors a chance to explore this fast-evolving landscape.

Why HealthTech will be key to meeting net zero

Addie MacGregor, the Association of British HealthTech Industries’ sustainability executive, discusses how the HealthTech sector could have an important role to play in helping the NHS to achieve the Government’s target of ‘net zero’ by 2050.

Healthcare structure: an important change

Kate Woodhead RGN DMS offers an insight into the Health and Care Act 2022 and discusses the implications for healthcare delivery

COVER STORY: Training vital for effective hygiene

Essity’s Liam Mynes considers the importance of training in order to ensure good hand and surface hygiene outcomes in the healthcare and elderly care sectors.

Non-invasive serological testing for H. pylori

Endoscopy is considered the ‘gold standard’ method for investigating dyspeptic symptoms caused by Helicobacter pylori, but this invasive procedure represents an immense drain on medical resources. Professor Peter Malfertheiner discusses a clear role for the non-invasive ‘serological biopsy’ in the gastric cancer care pathway, and current clinical management of atrophic gastritis.

BMA analysis of staff protection in pandemic

The British Medical Association has undertaken one of the largest, most detailed analyses of doctors’ views and experiences of the pandemic. The first two reports, to be published by the BMA, highlight serious failures to protect staff, during the COVID crisis.

Tackling staff retention: the power of listening

A recent survey has revealed that half of frontline healthcare staff have changed or considered changing their job. By taking the time to listen and communicate, we can create a better and more supportive environment within healthcare, says Sean Nolan

‘Best care everywhere’: tackling inequity

Access to health services might be equally available across ethnic groups, but barriers to receiving equitable care remain a key problem in healthcare systems across the world, including the NHS. Greg Samios explores new solutions designed to ensure all patients receive the best and most inclusive care, regardless of their ethnicity, language, or cultural background.

Clinical guide to troubleshoot wet packs

‘Wet packs’ create a potential pathway for the migration of microorganisms from the outside to the inside of the packed set, so identifying underlying issues is a vital part of quality control. Dr. Georgia Alevizopoulou provides a troubleshooting guide and discusses some of the factors that lead to ‘wet packs’.

A new frontier for positive post-surgical outcomes

Bernard Ross discusses the value of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery and the role of MedTech in improving outcomes.

Advancing training in decontamination

Beverley Mitton discusses the importance of providing training in decontamination to ensure competency. Ensuring staff understand both how and why tasks are undertaken is vital to ensuring sustainable best practice and patient safety.

Making a plastic-free future achievable

Is there a more environmentally acceptable alternative to using single-use surface disinfection wipes that contain plastic? Esther Jansen believes there is a better solution that could help hospitals reduce their impact on the environment.

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