A crucial breakthrough in cancer diagnoses

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Pathology Lab aims to digitally scan 100% of its slides. The Clinical Services Journal discovers why this innovation in digital pathology is a crucial step to faster and better diagnosis of cancer.

Working to improve IV patient safety

A recent report estimates that 237 million medication errors occur in the NHS medication process in England per year. However, a new generation of ‘smart pumps’ could help hospitals to reduce the risk of IV medication errors.

Driving early disease detection

The Clinical Services Journal examines a new collaboration between the Government and the Life Sciences Industry, which aims to save tens of thousands of lives through pioneering research to detect deadly diseases before symptoms appear.

Good leadership starts with culture change

Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, speaking to health professionals at the King’s Fund, discussed his vision for better leadership in the NHS – and what the medical arena can learn from other sectors.

Examining the chemistry of the cleaning process

The 2018 Institute of Decontamination Science (IDSc) Annual Conference provided visitors with a broad range of conferences and exhibitors. Delegates at the Grand Hotel, Blackpool, were treated to a strong educational programme that focused on the science behind the cleaning process and the associated problems.

Pioneering cancer treatment is NHS first

Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge has become the first NHS centre to pioneer a new generation of immunotherapy for patients with an aggressive form of skin cancer. This is the latest in a series of campaigns to tackle cancer by investing in technology, research and education.

Preventing surgical site infections

The OneTogether conference was once again held in Birmingham – giving 300 delegates a fabulous opportunity to receive up to date information and inspiring presentations from a wide variety of speakers.

What would a ‘no deal’ Brexit mean?

While Brexit negotiations continue,the UK remains a full and active member of the EU,with all the rights and obligations of EU membership firmly in place. But what will happen in the event of a‘no deal’ Brexit?

Cutting costs without compromising on quality

The Clinical Services Journal’s editor Chris Shaw recently visited Unisurge’s Newmarket headquarters to discover the latest expansion developments, and to find out more about the procedure pack specialist’s commitment to delivering quality items at a competitive price.

Frontline staff can help build digital health

Few would disagree that the most effective way to transform healthcare is to utilise the ful benefits of digital technology – and indeed ful digitisation could bring about new data-derived medical practices on both an individual and population-wide level

Endoscopic technology: Driving earlier detection

The latest LED imaging and ergonomic design developments in endoscope technology are among the most significant for a generation according to Dr Bu’Hussain Hayee, clinical lead for gastroenterology at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

​Post-decannulation wound dressing first

A revolutionary post-decannulation tracheostomy wound dressing, developed by three UK clinicians, is improving patient control, enhancing voice quality and reducing the need for dressing re-application.

Digitally transforming care providers

With the Electronic Prescription Service now reducing paper volumes, the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) is broadening its service scope to offer scanning services to all primary and secondary care organisations in the NHS, to support and enhance digital transformation initiatives.

Get wise to hand hygiene campaign

This year’s Global Handwashing Day took place on 15 October 2018 and provided a creative platform to encourage people to wash their hands with soap at critical times.

Life sciences research: The impact on the NHS

The UK clinical research environment in the NHS is going from strength to strength with year-on-year growth in terms of numbers of participants recruited into clinical research studies and the number of studies being supported each year.

The digital pathway for future healthcare

The Clinical Services Journal’s technical editor, Kate Woodhead RGB, DMS, believes new technology holds a great deal of promise that we may be able to do more with less. But how will this enable healthcare professionals to use their time more effectively and equally achieve better outcomes for patients

Blood flow, blood pressure or both?

A haemodynamic specialist recognised the demand fromanaesthetists to be able to ‘see’ the relationship between aortic flow and aortic pressure on one display.

Taking the strain out of bariatric care

David Southern, managing director at Spirit Access, outlines the pathway to value and explains why he believes that commercial models of UK pharma companies need to change.

Reimagining cataract services

David Southern, managing director at Spirit Access, outlines the pathway to value and explains why he believes that commercial models of UK pharma companies need to change.

Working to achieve digital transformation

By aligning people, process and technology, chief information and technology officer, Dr Graham Evans, outlines how North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has created the building blocks for clinically-led digital transformation and joined-up health and care.