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Decontamination strategies in ICU

Speaking at IP2021, Julie Storr called for a ‘hard reset’ in infection prevention and control, to ensure compassionate care is not overlooked, amidst efforts to eliminate risk from infectious diseases.

Worrying findings on mortality rates

An international study has found that high-need older patients had the highest mortality rates of any country, despite performing relatively well on several other measures of quality of hospital care.

Improving outcomes with interoperability

Solving interoperability challenges in relation to healthcare technologies has the potential to improve patient outcomes, deliver financial savings and optimise clinical workflows.

National audit highlights extent of NHS pressures

A new report by the National Audit Office has warned that there is a significant risk that NHS waiting times could lengthen even further and provides a detailed analysis of the challenges ahead.

What can we learn from the Netherlands?

Dave Rudge argues that the UK could learn from the Netherlands’ holistic approach to infection prevention and highlights the need for further studies to provide high-quality data on the role of the environment in transmission.

Breaking research in dermato-venereology

The latest research presented at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology’s 30th Congress revealed the true burden of skin disease in Europe and prompted debate over the increasing use of consumer apps for diagnosing cancers.

First community diagnostic hub opens in Somerset

Community diagnostic hubs have the potential to make a significant difference to patients waiting for diagnostic imaging and will help reduce the backlog in the wake of the pandemic.

Active or passive safety devices: a useful debate?

Maria Kapoula considers the debate on active vs passive safety pen needles and discusses the question: which type of device is preferable when the full range of human factors are assessed?

Digital transformation for Dudley Trust

The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust’s digital transformation has facilitated earlier detection of patient deterioration, supported care for patients during the COVID pandemic, and is now on its way to enabling better integration of care patients.

Manchester hubs: moving health to the high street

Work underway in Manchester shows how intertwined technological and economic revolutions can be harnessed to create a health revolution in which streamlined care is brought closer to the UK’s rapidly ageing population.

Focusing on the fundamentals

At IP2021, experts highlighted the need to re-focus on core IP&C issues. While it is important to learn lessons from the pandemic, we also need to view IP&C through a ‘new lens’ and consider the fundamentals of nursing care.

UK HealthTech pioneers reunite at Arab Health

The UK Pavilion is heading back to Arab Health in January 2022. This month, CSJ spoke to ABHI’s managing director, International, Paul Benton, about the array of technologies, services and surgical simulations being showcased on the ABHI UK Pavilion.

Challenges of delivering sustainable solutions

Dan Sullivan points out that reliance on disposable PPE has been exacerbated by COVID-19, but says it is symptomatic of a deeper misperception of sustainable options.

Decontamination: the challenges ahead in 2022

What are the hot topics for the decontamination sector in 2022? Top decontamination experts provide their views on the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Spotlight on the future of surgery

The first ever Future Surgery event to take place in-person saw thousands of clinicians uniting at ExCeL London.

Theatres: working smarter not harder

How can theatres work smarter, not harder? The Operating Theatres show recently brought together healthcare leaders and clinicians to discuss how productivity and efficiency can be improved, in an effort to tackle the unprecedented backlog.

Tackling the barriers to reducing SSIs

The ‘OneTogether’ conference was recently held at Vox Conference Centre in Birmingham and was a welcome return to face-to-face education for delegates, offering an insight into surgical site infection (SSI) improvement strategies.

Connected MedTech vital for transformation

Daniel Johnston discusses how connected medical devices can support clinicians and the value this will bring to healthcare organisations.

Normalising ‘Norms’: a guide to EN standards

Dr. Kayleigh Cox-Nowak examines which ‘Norms’ are most relevant to hospital surface and hand disinfection products, and what this means in practice.

Improving safety of oxygen delivery

Clinical practice has often demonstrated the dangers of hypoxaemic events, so how best to handle the risks? Andi Richardson looks at how the danger can be mitigated and patient safety improved during anaesthesia.

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Arab Health 2023

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30th January - 2nd February 2023

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Upcoming Events

Arab Health 2023

Dubai World Trade Centre
30th January - 2nd February 2023

Access the latest issue of Clinical Services Journal on your mobile device together with an archive of back issues.

Download the FREE Clinical Services Journal app from your device's App store

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