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How patient monitoring is transforming care

Phil Stuart-Douek shares his insights into how patient monitoring has transformed care, over the past two decades. He points out that while technology is driving significant innovation, it will never replace highly trained nurses and it shouldn’t be used to plug resourcing gaps.

The battleground for the future of the NHS

As this 20th anniversary edition of CSJ reflects on the past two decades in healthcare, we know that the NHS has been experiencing significant winter pressures for some time. However, Matt Currall argues that we need to look beyond blaming social care to unlock patient flow and delayed discharge.

Reflections on care quality and safety

Rachel Power, chief executive of the Patients Association, shares her views on how patient care has evolved over the past two decades. The organisation celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2023 and has witnessed some significant changes in the culture around patient care, during this time. Here, Rachel reflects on the progress achieved and what still needs to improve.

A changing landscape: explant analysis

The last 20 years has been a time of great innovation and technological advancement for medical devices, with an ever-increasing number of new products. Unfortunately, not all theoretical innovations have performed as well as anticipated in the human body, as the last 20 years have shown. Jason Wilson provides an overview of the past two decades and discusses some of the key issues.

Optimising surgery for patients with diabetes

Poor management of diabetes can have a serious impact on surgical outcomes, increasing the risk of complications and mortality. Discussions are underway to scale up a pilot programme, with the aim of transforming surgical pathways, to help reduce complications and reduce length of stay.

Driving high standards in decontamination

The IDSc conference and exhibition is taking place on 29-30 November 2022, at the Eastside Rooms in Birmingham, this year, providing opportunities for education and networking for all those working in the field of decontamination science.

ICSs: learning from best performing regions

The Medical Technology Group’s latest report reveals that on the eve of the new ICS system, the top performing regions were treating up to three times as many patients as the worst performers. Barbara Harpham says that for the new system to work, the new health secretary must look to those regions that have successfully built their services around the use of data, integration and technology, and embed the sharing of best practice into meaningful regulatory intervention for those regions that continue to fail.

Gastroenterology: progress and pressures

Graham Johnson discusses how gastroenterology has changed over the past 20 years. He looks at how non-invasive diagnostic testing, prior to endoscopy, could provide a solution to earlier detection and better outcomes for upper gastrointestinal disorders.

HealthTech: the changing landscape

How has the HealthTech sector evolved over the past 20 years – is the NHS still slow to adopt innovation, and how have events such as COVID and Brexit shaped the current landscape? Louise Frampton spoke to the Association for British HealthTech Industries to discover what has changed.

Healthcare: twenty years of progress?

As part of CSJ’s anniversary celebrations, Kate Woodhead RGN DMS reflects on the changes she has witnessed over the past 20 years. She interviewed some of the Association for Perioperative Practice’s previous presidents for their reflections and expert insights too.

Reflecting on two decades in healthcare

As The Clinical Services Journal celebrates its 20th Anniversary, this special edition reflects on the changes observed in the acute sector during the past two decades. As the editor, spanning 15 of these years, Louise Frampton shares her reflections on some of the transformations she has witnessed, the highs and lows, and what she has learnt along the way…

VHP: delivering efficiencies for CSSDs

Randal Eveland, PhD, explains how vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP) sterilisers can offer improved device compatibility, as well as significantly reducing reprocessing time.

Latest research on heart failure risks

Heart Failure, the annual congress of the Heart Failure Association (HFA) of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), provided the latest insights into the health risks that are linked with development of heart failure and technology that could help identify patients at risk of deteriorating.

Respiratory testing: learning lessons

David Persing discusses the lessons learnt from the pandemic in terms of the development of diagnostic tests and the management of respiratory viruses. He warns that the need for rapid, sensitive, and definitive results is now even more pressing

Tackling capacity in cancer care

The NHS is facing a staffing crisis in cancer care, but could a review of cancer and diagnostics staffing and career pathways reverse waiting times?

Advancing endoscopy with Blackbox Innovations

PENTAX Medical’s Harald Huber and Michael Unger discuss key trends and innovation in endoscopy, with The Clinical Services Journal. They highlight some of the key developments that are expected to advance endoscopy in terms of safety, productivity, and clinical outcomes

Reducing hair loss for chemotherapy patients

The world’s first Scalp Cooling Summit took place digitally on 5th of May. Hosted by Paxman, the Summit bought together innovative world leaders in oncology and research to talk about their scalp cooling experience and learn from each other’s perspectives, advancing the future of side effect management in cancer care. What can our cancer centres in Britain learn from those pushing the boundaries of supportive cancer care internationally?

Vascular care: the heart of the matter

Dr. Nick West discusses how the response to COVID-19 has provided a blueprint for a vascular care revolution. He warns that we cannot afford to miss the opportunity to reassess how best to treat those affected by cardiovascular disease, in light of everything we have learned during the pandemic.

Kettering hospital makes EDI a priority

Carol Verner, interim head of equality, diversity and inclusion, Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, provides an insight into how the organisation is improving the workplace for its employees.

Enter a new era of surgical innovation

The practice of surgery is changing faster than at any time in the past, driven by a new wave of impressive technologies. CSJ delves into the upcoming Future Surgery 2022, which will give visitors a chance to explore this fast-evolving landscape.

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Upcoming Events

Arab Health 2023

Dubai World Trade Centre
30th January - 2nd February 2023

Access the latest issue of Clinical Services Journal on your mobile device together with an archive of back issues.

Download the FREE Clinical Services Journal app from your device's App store

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