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For Healthcare, the company have developed ground-breaking technology for the removal of proteins from surgical equipment. This technology took 6 years to develop, culminating in a system that can be completely validated and is fully compliant with HTM01-01 (2016)

Medstar devices will render instruments to well under 5µ per side consistently and it has been independently confirmed that a >log5 reduction is achieved after a standard cycle on heavily soiled instruments. What makes this even more impressive is that this is achieved in cold water.

Established in 1993 and based in Liverpool, Alphasonics are the premier supplier of Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems which span across a wide and varied range of equipment. With a worldwide reputation for technical excellence, the secret to the Alphasonics success lies within the commitment to innovation in the application of high frequency sound as used for cleaning. Catering to multiple industries such as healthcare and printing, Alphasonics have allowed their experience in solving customer problems to develop an array of Alphasound products which can be tailored to suit almost any cleaning requirement.