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Imagine realising further savings and improved efficiency on your hospital’s steam system. You’ll need products, services and technical support to meet stringent carbon reduction targets, whilst maintaining reliable services for patient safety. That’s where we can come in.

You’ve implemented sterilisation facilities and hot water supplies, creating comfortable, hygienic environments - vital to patient care. To complement this good work, our clean steam systems help you meet sterilisation standards and our heat exchange solutions provide reliable hot water.

Sustainability Solutions with Spirax Sarco:

In today's era of heightened environmental awareness, meeting sustainability targets is paramount. Spirax Sarco offers a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to support your hospital in achieving its sustainability goals.

Introducing Advance:

Our Advance offering takes sustainability to the next level, providing innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. Through Advance, Spirax Sarco gives your business a clear forward vision, harnessing the energy of steam while optimising productivity for naturally efficient and sustainable futures.

Spirax Sarco Advance delivers proven consulting, products and services so you benefit from the power and capabilities of steam while decarbonising and achieving net zero.

Clean Steam Systems:

Our clean steam systems not only ensure compliance with sterilisation standards but also contribute to environmental sustainability by minimising water and energy usage. By utilising innovative technologies, we help you achieve your sterilisation objectives while reducing environmental impact.

Heat Exchange Solutions:

Spirax Sarco's heat exchange solutions not only deliver reliable hot water but also enhance energy efficiency. Through advanced heat recovery techniques, we help you extract maximum value from your steam system, reducing both costs and emissions.

Comprehensive and Tailored Support:

Backed by experienced engineers, our range of products and services is complemented by comprehensive technical support. Whether it's conducting trap surveys or overseeing new plant room projects, we ensure that your steam system operates at optimum performance levels, further contributing to your sustainability efforts.

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