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With over 37 years’ experience, Sychem is a leading provider for disinfection, sterilisation, and decontamination solutions.

Sychem specialises in:

  • The install and servicing of sterilisation and decontamination equipment
  • Infection control consumables for use in your central sterile services department
  • Hand sanitisers and dual cleaner disinfectants
  • ATP hygiene monitoring systems
  • UV-C light disinfection



Sterilisation & Decontamination Equipment

Sychem specialises in providing a comprehensive range of decontamination and sterilisation equipment to healthcare facilities, laboratories, veterinary practices and dental clinics across the UK. Simply, providing outstanding solutions to medical facilities that require the cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising of reusable medical instruments. As well as bespoke washing systems for use in scientific laboratories.

Alongside all equipment provided, Sychem really are the complete provider. Whether you’re at the beginning of a new project or looking to refresh your current kit. Sychem offers full project management from start to finish and have a variety of PPM packages in place to keep your machines working seamlessly after install.


Infection Control Consumables

Sychem is the exclusive UK distributor for Terragene, providing an extensive range that includes process challenge devices, protein residue testing and biological indicators. Shining careful attention towards protein residue testing- the MiniPro auto-reading incubator proves ever-popular with healthcare facilities nationwide, used to detect residual levels of protein on the surface of a surgical instrument that is not otherwise identifiable by visual inspection.


Hand Sanitisers & Dual Cleaner Disinfectants

Sychem works with some of the most prestigious healthcare and research facilities in the UK, supplying them with hand sanitisers and dual surface cleaner disinfectants. Enabling effective and prolonged microbial protection against harmful bacteria and viruses, minimising the risk of infection posed to staff, public, and visitors.


ATP Hygiene Monitoring Systems

Sychem, in partnership with Hygiena, offers a complete product range that is easy-to-use and reliable for detecting the presence of ATP, specific enzymes, and bacteria. Testing devices are activated with a simple snap and squeeze action, then placed into a handheld system, giving results in seconds. The test devices you use will determine which monitoring system is best for your needs.


UV-C Light Disinfection

Sychem, in partnership with, Danish company UVD Robots, are pleased to be offering the next generation of innovative UV-C Disinfection technology to the UK. UVD Robots have integrated proven UVC germicidal industrial solutions with advanced robot technologies, resulting in an innovative product that allows facilities to eradicate harmful pathogens and superbugs reliably and efficiently.




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