Innovative CT scanners made available to support people with complex conditions

Nuffield Health’s Parkside and Cancer Centre London hospitals in Wimbledon are seeing patients using two new innovative CT scanners that support people with specialist health conditions through advanced technology.

The new Revolution Apex Elite CT Scanner at Nuffield Health Parkside Hospital can capture an entire image of the heart within just one heartbeat, meaning CT scans are safer for people with serious cardiac and other conditions and diagnosis is likely to be faster. It also offers an auto-positioning system, enabled by a 3D camera and an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, that helps ensure optimal patient positioning. It’s the first of its type installed at an independent hospital in the UK and only the second installed in England. It was installed in October last year (2023), so far over 1800 people have been scanned.

At Nuffield Health Cancer Centre London, the innovative SPECT CT Scanner is located within the newly refurbished Nuclear Medicine Department and it delivers a scan using a lower radiation dose, enabling people undergoing cancer care and those with serious underlying conditions to be diagnosed faster and more safely. A SPECT CT scan is a type of nuclear medicine scan where the images or pictures from two different types of scans (functional and structural) are combined. The 3D images obtained through a new generation Gamma Camera provide more detail for clinicians to diagnose complex conditions in the brain, lung and other parts of the body.

Both CT Scanners are manufactured by GE Healthcare and currently are not widely available within the UK, with Nuffield Health Parkside and Cancer Centre London hospitals one of the few to offer this advanced technology to referrers, clinicians and patients in the South of England.

“Our hospital teams at Parkside and Cancer Centre London are enjoying using the advanced technologies that both CT scanners offer to people with complex care needs,” says Kate Farrow, Health Systems Director at Nuffield Health Parkside Hospital and Cancer Centre London. “Both CT scanners offer flexibility to clinicians and they enable us to treat and care for more patients from local communities, which demonstrates our purpose of building a healthier nation.” adds Kate.

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