Smarter UV disinfection of ultrasound probes

​The UV Smart D45 is transforming ultrasound probe disinfection, offering rapid disinfection with no warm-up time. Automated and traceable, it completes disinfection of ultrasound probes in just 75 seconds.

This feature significantly accelerates the disinfection process, enabling quick probe turnover and minimal patient care delays.

The UV Smart D45 is designed with ‘green’ principles at the forefront, operating without consumables and aligning with sustainability practices. It not only reduces waste and operational costs but also enhances the safety profile by eliminating chemical disinfectants. It also offers economic benefits through a reduced need for consumables.

Prioritising safety, the D45 uses UV-C light to effectively destroy pathogens, ensuring high-level disinfection while avoiding chemical exposure risks. This approach provides a safer environment for both patients and healthcare workers.

As healthcare facilities strive to improve infection control, the UV Smart D45 offers a comprehensive solution, balancing operational efficiency, environmental sustainability, and economic viability.

For more information on the UV Smart D45's role in healthcare and patient care, visit the company’s website.

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