B. Braun addresses ergonomic issues in surgery

  1. Braun is rethinking and reinventing surgical instrumentation, working closely with current and next-generation surgeons to create instruments that ‘fit’ for today’s workforce, delivering improved ergonomics and easier reprocessing.

A 2021 survey1 looking at the risk of ergonomic injury across all surgical specialities found that pain and disability induced by poor ergonomics are widespread. 

The problem is particularly acute for orthopaedic surgeons who work in an environment that puts a high demand on their bodies. Repetitive movements with instruments and operating in sustained, non-ergonomic positions, all contribute to this increased load on the bones and muscle highlighting the need for increased awareness and implementation of preventative measures. 

Is the risk greater for female surgeons?

In addition, a different 2021 study2 found that musculoskeletal injury rates among surgeons are also higher in women. Female orthopaedic surgeons are more likely than their male counterparts to report physical symptoms attributed to orthopaedic surgical instruments, to have negative attitudes to instruments and to identify a larger number of common instruments as difficult or uncomfortable to use.

Reinventing surgical instruments for all

The award-winning Aesculap SQ.line of orthopaedic instruments have been thoroughly tested with surgeons and help address these concerns. They have been developed to provide ergonomic working with reduced pressure points and joint stress and offer user-friendly weight and balance, improved grip and require less force, allowing more comfortable handling. 

The benefits of the SQ.line for orthopaedic surgeons include:

  • Ergonomically designed instruments reduce pressure points and joint stress, so that the risk of related injuries is minimised.
  • Unique design features include mallet handles which provide 70% more grip due to shape, material, edges and texture.
  • Less force to achieve a safe grip during use.
  • 25% less force is needed to cut through wires.
  • One-piece spring mechanism means there’s no risk of screws loosening or accidental opening of the spring during use.
  • User-friendly weight and balance for smoother handling of the instrument.
  • Made entirely from stainless steel without vulnerable joints.  

For more information visit https://www.bbraun.co.uk/en/products-and-therapies/sterile-goods-management/sqline-preview.html


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