Robot offers efficient decontamination

Using low concentration hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) delivered by vapour dispersal technology, the ProXcide from INIVOS can achieve >log 6 reduction of pathogenic micro-organisms.

Including highly resistant pathogens such as C.difficile, making it perfect for healthcare settings that need to ensure high levels of efficacy.

Using ProXcin 7.5% HPV, the ProXcide provides a fully automated decontamination cycle, ensuring the same level of efficacy is achieved during every decontamination process. Once in the room, it operates entirely automatically to reduce potential human error. The ProXcide decontamination robot is able to survey the environment and assess different variables to calculate how long it will need to decontaminate the space for. The device also offers a high level of safety for users including a detailed checklist that cannot be bypassed by the users. 

ProXcide contains an integrated deactivation unit that quickly and efficiently deactivates hydrogen peroxide in the treatment room, providing reassurance and control over the process. The system is designed to work with a specially formulated low concentration hydrogen peroxide, ProXcin, which is developed to achieve high levels of efficacy without the risks associated with high concentration chemicals.

The Wifi enabled touch screen device provided allows full visibility of the decontamination process during each stage, followed by a validation report to confirm that an effective decontamination cycle has been completed. With an average cycle time of just under two hours, the ProXcide is very efficient – making it ideal for decontamination in a variety of clinical settings.

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