Joining The IDSc Will Give You Access To Technical Help And Advice

For over 50 years, the IDSc has been at the forefront of decontamination sciences in the UK through a respected and renowned education and training programme.

Membership is open to those working with the NHS and private sector who wish to engage with others working in the sector. In addition, HTM01-01 Part A advises it would be best practice for senior SSD staff to be members of a relevant professional body such as the IDSc.


Join the Institute of Decontamination Sciences (IDSc) and also get access to a wealth of technical help and guidance including:


Hospital Decontamination Advice

As part of your membership you will get access to the IDSc Technical Committee for help and advice. 


Endoscope & Instrument Washer Disinfectors

IDSc can provide guidance on Washer Disinfector queries. The IDSc can also partner up different members who have similar washing issues. Remember, the IDSc Technical Committee has a wealth of knowlege to share.


Medical Device Chemistries

Whether you need support on which chemistry you should be using, issues from existing chemistry, residues in washers, IFUs with other chemistries stated - the IDSc can help you.


Guidance and Standards

The IDSc Technical Committee participates on all relevant BSI committees ensuring that information provided is always up to date. In addition, advice on audit non-conformance and more is available.


Microbiology and Protein

IDSc can advise on all types of microbiological contamination and routes that can be taken to resolve the concern. ISDc also provides guidance on protein testing and best practice.



IDSc provides guidance on a wealth of contamination issues including instrument stains and foreign objects found in packaging and machinery.

The IDSc Technical Committee consists of highly qualified medical device experts, manufacturers and users. Members serving on the team include a microbiologist, authorised engineer, regulation specialist and more.


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To join please access the online membership form for the different tiers:  Membership Signup Form


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