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3M Health Care: Science is our pursuit. Improving lives is our purpose.

We believe nothing is more important than good health. It’s this belief that inspires us to develop reliable, quality products and solutions for the global health care industry. Whether you’re connecting with patients directly or designing a medical device, the work you do every day is improving lives. At 3M, our philosophy is applying science to improve the world. That's why we combine our diverse technologies and global strength to develop innovative health care products with the aim of safeguarding people's health and well-being, both today and tomorrow. By working with leading healthcare professionals around the world, we are able to understand the current challenges faced by doctors, nurses and all other care givers, and make their jobs easier by providing quality products that prevent infection, promote healing, simplify procedures and reduce costs.


Hypothermia prevention and Patient Warming

3M ™ Bair Hugger ™ Patient warming systems, 3M Bair Hugger Temperature Monitoring, 3M Ranger Blood and Fluid Warming system.

From paediatric to elderly, simple to challenging, our flexible temperature management solutions are designed to help you achieve your patient normothermia goals without compromising surgical access.


Vascular Access Solutions

3M ™ Tegaderm ™ IV range, 3M ™ Curos ™

Every I.V. site presents the potential for infection, dislodgement, skin damage, and other complications. These complications can cause patient discomfort and pain, extended hospital stays, additional therapy, and surgical intervention—even increased patient mortality. 3M Science has delivered unique innovations that enable you to secure and protect every I.V. catheter… from insertion to removal. Our broad portfolio makes it easy for you to choose and use the right products; from transparent barrier films and securement devices, to antimicrobial dressings and disinfecting caps.


Incision Management

More than just an adhesive drape, 3M™ Ioban 2™ Antimicrobial Incise Drapes are designed to help reduce the risk of SSIs. They are applied to a patient's skin at the site of a surgical incision to create a sterile surface and deliver broad – spectrum antimicrobial activity throughout the surgical procedure. Reduce the risk of surgical site infections and post-operative complications with 3M™ Prevena™ Therapy. Prevena Therapy can benefit all surgical patients—but choosing Prevena Therapy for your high-risk patients can lead to improved outcomes and significant cost savings. By implementing proactive risk management (PRM), you can use procedural and patient risk stratification to protect your high-risk patients.



Medical Tapes

Adhesive technology is a cornerstone of the 3M business. We invented the category of gentle-to-skin medical adhesives more than 50 years ago, and we’ve been innovating ever since to improve the design and formulation of adhesive products to help you realise ever-better patient outcomes. Today, we offer a full line of medical tapes that meet virtually every patient need and clinical application – helping you deliver a superior care experience.


Sterilization & Monitoring

Our sterilization products are used by healthcare providers including high-volume acute care facilities, outpatient surgery centres and primary care clinics to reduce the risk of health care associated infections.


Wound Care Solutions in the Hospital and Community

Every wound is unique and may require a cascading approach to treatment.

From negative pressure wound therapy to a full line of advanced wound dressings and skin integrity, see how we can help your patients throughout their journey to healing.


Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

Each patient and wound is unique and deserves customized care. 3M’s comprehensive negative pressure wound therapy solutions enable you to provide treatment options based on each patient’s need.


Prevention and Management of Moisture Associated Skin Damage

With a unique, high-endurance skin protectant, polymer-based barrier products that help prevent skin injury, and cleansers and moisturizers that help maintain skin health, 3M™ Cavilon™ Skin Care Solutions use 3M science to deliver versatile solutions that help simplify your protocols and protect the skin that protects your patients.


Compression Systems

3M ™ Coban2 ™ System

Your patients with chronic oedema want to engage fully in daily activities—without feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious about what’s on their legs and feet. To help people with oedema meet their goals for health and quality of life, 3M created a lightweight, two-layer compression system that delivers effective compression without causing pain.


Upcoming Events

The Third Annual Healthcare Innovation and Technology Conference and Exhibition 2024

Royal Society of Medicine, London
27th February 2024

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National Conference Centre, Birmingham
23rd - 24th April 2024

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