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Tristel is the only manufacturer of infection prevention and contamination control products in the world to combine its proprietary chlorine dioxide (ClO2) chemistry with innovative packaging for high-performance disinfection of medical devices (Tristel Medical Device Decontamination) and surfaces (The Cache Collection).

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a biocide with broad efficacy against microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeasts, fungi, mycobacteria, and bacterial spores. The biocidal activity of ClO2 is attributed to its oxidative action against microbes. ClO2 is widely regarded as one of the most effective disinfectants for biofilm removal and prevention.

Unique to all Tristel-manufactured products are several qualities:

  • Broad spectrum efficacy within short, uniform, and realistic contact times.
  • High-performance validated within a wide range of peer-reviewed scientific publications.
  • Featured in an extensive range of national and international guidelines and SOPs.
  • Unrivalled material compatibility record.


Tristel Medical Device Decontamination

The Tristel Portfolio comprises high-level disinfectants for the decontamination of heat-sensitive, semi-critical, non-lumened, and single-lumened medical devices, such as transvaginal and transrectal ultrasound probes, nasendoscopes, transoesophageal echocardiography (TOE) probes, laryngoscopes, manometry catheters, bronchoscopes, cystoscopes, and ophthalmic devices.

The Tristel Trio Wipes System is the world’s most widely approved, validated, and used wipes system, designed specifically for the decontamination of non-lumened medical devices. The Tristel Trio Wipes System comprises three wipes which in sequence perform the steps of decontamination: cleaning with the Tristel Pre-Clean Wipe, high-level disinfecting with the Tristel Sporicidal Wipe & Activator Foam, and rinsing with the Tristel Rinse Wipe.

Tristel Duo ULT is a chlorine dioxide foam designed specifically for the high-level disinfection of transvaginal ultrasound probes. Tristel Duo ULT outperforms any other available method in terms of flexibility, efficacy, and ease of use.

The Tristel Trio Wipes System and Tristel Duo ULT offer full tracking and traceability via Tristel 3T, allowing you to comply with all UK decontamination guidelines such as HTM 01-06 and ENT UK, and manufacturer’s instructions for use. The Tristel Quality Audit Trail Record Book is also available for the Tristel Trio Wipes System.

A recent scientific study by Meyers et al., (2020) demonstrates the Tristel Trio Wipes System and Tristel Duo ULT are effective against infectious HPV types 16 and 18 on a transvaginal ultrasound probe and nasendoscope, in 30 seconds.

Tristel Duo OPH is a chlorine dioxide high-level disinfectant foam for ophthalmic medical devices, such as tonometer prisms, contact lenses and ophthalmic ultrasound probes. Tristel Duo OPH is easy to use and effective in 30 seconds, allowing devices to be reprocessed quickly and eliminating the need for single-use medical devices.


The Cache Collection

Surface cleanliness and disinfection are important in any public place, but vital within a hospital setting, with patients particularly susceptible to acquiring an infection due to already compromised health.

Cache is a collection of environmentally conscious surface disinfectants. The Cache Collection is effective against a wide range of microorganisms including coronaviruses, within short contact times. Cache allows hospitals to reduce plastic wipe waste by giving hospitals the freedom to choose any spreader, which does not have to be plastic, whilst not compromising on high standards of patient care.

JET is a chlorine dioxide based sporicidal surface disinfectant foam, with 570 ready-to-use doses per bottle. JET is effective in just 1 minute and ideal for non-porous high-touch surfaces in clinical and non-clinical areas such as door handles, beds chairs, commodes, and patient monitoring equipment.

FUSE is a chlorine dioxide based sporicidal disinfectant solution for use on large surface areas, such as floors, walls, doors and door frames. With a contact time of 5 minutes, FUSE gets to work quickly. Each sachet of FUSE produces 5 litres of working solution at one concentration, eliminating the need to calculate dilutions.

The DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM generates measured doses of QAC-based surface disinfectant, for uniform disinfection. Available in 500ml or 1l litre bottles. The DISTEL DOSING SYSTEM is intended for the disinfection of hard, non-porous surfaces, such as hoists, handrails, trolleys, and tabletops.


Training and after-sales support

At Tristel we believe training should be flexible and accessible, which is why we developed our Training Portal specifically for the training and certification of healthcare staff.

Offering a range of videos, the Training Portal shows exactly how each product should be used. At the end of each video, a questionnaire is completed, and a personalised training certificate is issued.

In addition to the Training Portal, our sales representatives are available to assist with product roll-out, offering bespoke training. In conjunction with the Training Portal, our sales representatives can also offer support virtually with presentations tailored to your needs and product demo videos



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