Operating table mattress reduces risk of pressure ulcers

The Mentor Dynamic Operating Table Mattress is a unique design technology comprising of an air mattress and pump, developed to prevent the risk of pressure ulcers developing in patients undergoing lengthy surgical procedures. It is also designed to protect patients at particular risk from pressure ulcers during procedures in which their circulation is compromised, such as vascular, cardiac, lithotomy and head and neck surgery.

The Mattress System uses a system of ‘active’ cells, which inflate and deflate in a sequence designed to provide the optimum preservation of circulation during surgery. If the patient is kept moving throughout lengthy procedures, it greatly reduces the risk of pressure ulcers forming, and can reduce the possibility of shear stress. It also has a unique Static/Floatation mode for use during micro surgery where absolutely no movement can be allowed and a static foam head section for lengthy maxilla facial surgery is also available 

The Mattress System can also be used in conjunction with other manufacturers warming blankets/bear huggers and gels. Maximum patient weight of 260kg (41 stone)  Minimum patient weight of 19kg (3 stone)

The mattress system has a range of sizes to fit all table designs and manufacturers and is suitable for patients High/Very High Risk for most procedures over 8 hours.  Three quarter and half sizes also available, ideal for Lithotomy positions.

An evaluation of Teasdale Dynamic Operating Table Mattress by William Harvey Hospital found that the Mentor Dynamic Mattress was highly effective and stated that: “We have continued to use this mattress for all our long cases and have had no further occurrence of pressure ulcers...We recommend the use of the Teasdale Mentor."

For further information or to view this product, please visit https://teasdale-healthcare.com/product/dynamic-operating-table-air-mattress-and-pump/ or contact 0161 480 5779 for a trial.

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