Protect your surgical team with Fairmont Pencavac Smoke Evacuation Pen

Fairmont Medical represents a comprehensive yet diverse range of products for critical care, anaesthetics, surgical, urology, orthopaedics, and hospital essentials.

These products continue to improve clinical efficiency for healthcare providers and patients, whilst remaining cost effective.

Fairmont Medical has revolutionised many products since its inception, such as the Disposable Camera Cover. After twenty-five years, the Disposable Camera Cover is still recognised as the global market leader. Innovation continues to dominate Fairmont’s landscape, providing a differential factor, growth and reinvestment opportunities. Today, Fairmont Medical continues to offer unique medical devices such as the patented Telepac®.

Today Fairmont exports to over thirty countries throughout the regions of Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and South America. Fairmont Medical UK is located in Chelmsford, Essex. The Fairmont offices are in close proximity to London and the sales team is able to provide twenty-four-hour delivery of products throughout the United Kingdom. Fairmont Medical UK is supported by a direct sales force who offer in-services, trials and customer service support.

Surgeons and staff are routinely exposed to smoke, plume and aerosols produced by instruments used to dissect tissue during operating procedures. Fairmont’s Pencavac Smoke Evacuation Pen can help protect the surgeon, staff and patients associated with electrosurgical procedures by providing a safe and reliable evacuation method for surgical smoke plume.

Fairmont Medical’s Pencavac Smoke Evacuation Pen captures smoke at the source for effective smoke removal during electrosurgery while delivering a flexible, ergonomic experience for surgeons. The hand switch cut-coagulation double button system allows single device cutting and coagulation with an effective removal of smoke produced during the electrosurgical procedure. The colour-coded click buttons ensure recognition whilst the flexible tubing and swivel connector enables enhanced handling and control. The Fairmont Medical diathermy smoke pen comes with a drape-able cable, three pin plug and a range of Teflon coated electrodes. These smoke pen electrodes are Teflon coated, and come in ball, blade, needle and LLETZ options for various applications.

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