Syringe infusion system designed for patient safety

BAXTER has announced CE marking for the Evo IQ Syringe Infusion System. The company expects hospitals in the UK to be among the first to receive the new system, with additional countries to follow in a series of planned regulatory submissions.

The Evo IQ Syringe Infusion System can be used to deliver small volumes of medications and other fluids to patients in a controlled manner. 

The device joins the Evo IQ large volumetric pump (LVP) as part of the Evo IQ Infusion Platform, a suite of smart pumps that helps enable clinicians to utilise the technology that helps meet a patient’s specific needs. With patient safety and clinician efficiency central to its design, the Syringe Infusion System is supported by Baxter’s web-based Dose IQ Safety Software and wireless IQ Enterprise Connectivity Suite to help reduce potentially harmful infusion programming errors. 

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