Non-invasive ventilation solutions

Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) has significantly increased in ICUs across the UK and Ireland as many caregivers and patients discover the potential benefits of this therapy option. DRÄGER offers a range of NIV capable ventilators and masks.

Choosing the right mask is vital in providing effective NIV therapy, so the company has a range of specifically designed masks, including nasal, oronasal and total-face, to solve all NIV challenges. The latest addition to the NIV mask family is the NovaStar Plus mask which offers a malleable, gel silicone, customisable sealing lip, meaning it can be individually shaped to the patient’s face for an effective seal, while also providing high comfort. For additional patient comfort, the NovaStar Plus features an adjustable forehead support, magnetic quick release clips and three point adjustable headgear. Completing the range,is the Dräger NovaStar and ClassicStar NIV full-face masks ensure comfortable and effective NIV therapy. 


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