Temperature management solutions

CENTRAL MEDICAL SUPPLIES (CMS) has extensive temperature management expertise and has worked for many years with leading companies in patient warming.

This gives hospital Trusts a range of solutions for specific scenarios. These include combining pressure relief with warming, via the Kanmed Warmcloud, and the option to both warm and cool fluids, when using lasers for urological procedures, using the 37Company’s Fluido Irrigation Unit. 

CMS is the exclusive UK distributor for both the 37Company, which manufactures a range of blood and fluid warmers, and  Kanmed. Kanmed produces a range of cabinets, used for warming intravenous fluids, dialysis and irrigation fluids, gel positioning equipment and blankets.

CMS also offers products produced by Enthermics, a pioneering company in the patient warming arena. Enthermics produces fluid warmers, which are designed to maintain precise temperatures of injection fluids and irrigation fluids. Other solutions available from CMS include the Biegler range of temperature management products, including high performance microprocessorcontrolled devices.


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