Advancing spinal surgery

To address the ever-increasing requirement for lateral approach surgery HILLROM offers the Allen Advance Table Lateral to Prone (L2P) Platform designed with patient positioning challenges in mind.

The platform allows for simple patient movement maximising efficiency of lateral spine procedures and pedicle screw fixation, maintaining safety of operating room staff, and improving patient outcomes.

Combining the Allen Advance Table and L2P platform, patients can be rotated 90-degrees from lateral directly into a prone position. Its rotational capabilities allow  right and left side lateral approaches without logrolling patients

The L2P platform addresses the challenge of patient repositioning, allowing surgeons to benefit from minimally invasive lateral spinal approaches, while maintaining time efficiencies and protecting patient and caregiver safety. Benefits include:

  • Secure and controlled movement of the patient.
  • Time savings over traditional patient movement approaches.
  • Removing the need to swap tables in and out of the OR, thus reducing infection rates



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