Fibrin sealant manages bleeding during surgery

Many patients enter the operating room with multiple factors that can cause disruptive bleeding during surgery, which can be challenging to manage and potentially dangerous.

To help address this, ETHICON has launched Vistaseal Fibrin Sealant (Human) to help surgeons manage bleeding during surgery. 

The sealant contains a combination of fibrinogen and thrombin, clotting proteins found in human plasma. When applied to the bleeding site, it forms a rapid, adherent, and durable clot and has been demonstrated to sustain haemostasis, even in high-risk patients. In three randomised controlled trials, it was associated with a lower overall haemostatic retreatment rate (0.9%-7.8%) compared to standard treatments (8.0%-16.7%). 

The sealant is designed to be sprayed without gas in both open and minimally invasive procedures, and it comes in prefilled syringes. 

This eliminates some of the steps required for set-up with gas and may save valuable time in the operating room. The dual applicator tip is also malleable enabling access to difficult anatomy

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