POC device for time-critical bleeding management

The Quantra System is a point-of care (POC) device for managing bleeding in the critical setting.

Its novel viscoelastic technology pioneers the use of ultrasound and directly measures clot elasticity, not clot amplitude – with results within 15 minutes. Recent European guidelines have referred to the potential role of viscoelastic testing (VET) systems in helping clinicians make urgent decisions about how to treat critically bleeding patients, while avoiding the unnecessary use of blood products.

Unlike classic VET methods, the Quantra is a fully enclosed system with no moving parts, and no open-tube blood manipulation is required after sample collection. This reduces potential interference, providing increased sensitivity to early clot formation – and also to soft clots, often linked to clinical bleeding. Blood is automatically drawn into the ultrasound chamber where Sonic Estimation of Elasticity via Resonance (SEER) technology sends a pulse into the sample. This generates a shear wave and the sample motion patterns are then analysed at a specific time point to calculate the modulus of elasticity. Current evidence indicates that calculating the platelet component to clot stiffness is more accurate if based on measuring elasticity rather than the clot amplitude. The SEER technology also makes it possible to measure the evolving clot stiffness without any manipulation or disruption to the clot. Quantra is produced by HEMOSONICS, a Stago Group company.