Getinge to become CO₂ neutral by 2025

Getinge has announced its commitment to become CO₂ neutral by 2025.

The target will be reached by a stepwise approach in several areas and supports the company’s objective to contribute to a sustainable healthcare, environmentally as well as socially. 

“In 2012 we started changing the products’ environmental impact over the product life cycle through our EcoDesign principles,” said Mattias Perjos, president & CEO. “This covers all steps from the extraction of raw materials to production, distribution and use, all the way to recycling and disposal. Now we take this a step further, going all CO2 neutral.”

One product built on the EcoDesign principles is the S-8668T model in the 86-series Washer-Disinfectors. The S-8668T was developed to increase reprocessing throughput within the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD). With the turbo multitasking technology available for the S-8668T model, processing time can be cut by up to 25% and thereby reduce overall consumption of energy, water and chemicals.

“It is our responsibility to do our outmost to provide our customers with safe and sustainable products,” Mattias Perjos continued. “Within our product offering, we now have a number of products such as the steam steriliser GSS610H, PowerLED II surgical light and the Flow family of anesthesia products that build on our EcoDesign.” 

Equally important is Getinge’s work to significantly reduce its CO₂emissions in production. Between 2010-2018 the direct and indirect emissions were reduced by 29% (ton CO₂/MSEK). 

To reach the new target to become a CO2 neutral company, Getinge has set-up various activities. For example, switching to renewable energy sources (green electricity) and investments in green certifications, but equally important to update the vehicle fleet, travel routines and finding new and smart logistics alternatives. 

“The decision to become all CO₂neutral in five years’ time is a natural step for us and will be part of the entire organisation’s operations,” said Mattias Perjos. “We will continuously analyse, validate and add activities related to our environmental efforts to ensure we reach our target.” 

Getinge’s activities to become CO₂neutral will be externally validated through a third party auditor, PwC. To learn more about Getinge’s current Sustainability activities, please visit the Sustainability Update Report 2019.