Early detection of patient deterioration

Early identification is key in the prevention and treatment of serious conditions such as sepsis. However, early indicators can present subtly making detection difficult and subjective.

General Medical and Surgical wards are often faced with several unique challenges in the early detection of patient deterioration, the issue here is finding the balance between supporting early detection without drastically disrupting clinical workflows.

There is evidence of the many challenges faced by clinicians when documenting vital signs manually, such as transcription errors and the increase time it takes to document a full set of Vital Signs. To aid this, HILLROM have developed a monitoring solution to help support clinical decisions. The Welch Allyn range of Connex Vital Signs devices has been designed with patient outcomes at the forefront. The devices provide easy to use  comprehensive bedside monitoring, from vital signs acquisitions to track and trigger systems and interval monitoring.

Hillrom’s solution offers the ability to take a full set of vital signs in less than one minute at the bedside, this includes an Early Warning Score Calculation such as NEWS2, connecting directly to the hospital EMR system and therefore improving the collection of real-time patient data. 



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