The NEW intelligent and space-saving washer disinfector solution for the CSSD

In the planning of a sterile services whether that be in preparation for replacement of existing equipment or the design of a new facility, it presents certain challenges of maximising the given space for key equipment within the department.





Frequently asked questions are always raised against future proofing and maximising the department throughput capability,

  • Do I have enough space in width to fit enough of these new single chamber machines?
  • Do I have enough depth in my department for a multi chamber machines?
  • How do I maximise the throughput in my department?

Here at MMM we have created a concept that allows you to accommodate more machines with an increase throughput capability under the same footprint, allowing for the introduction of new technologies and aid in optimising your workflows in a space saving capacity.

Our Concept 15.30 incorporates a single chamber washer disinfector, Uniclean PL II 15 (Da Vinci validated) and our tandem single chamber Uniclean PL II 30, both of which are 1000mm in width allowing for any unique configuration to meet every departments objective in instrument and container reprocessing.

Concept 15.30 has the flexibility to be configured with manual or automatic loading and unloading to achieve maximum throughput potential and productivity within the department.

Uniclean PL II 15 is our most sought single chamber 18 Din capability, Da Vinci Validated washer disinfector comprising of our unique chamber design and patented lateral drying fan that produces optimal cycle times due to the efficiencies in our drying system.

Uniclean PL II 30, our newest member of the Uniclean PL II family is our Double capacity 36 Din washer disinfector, suitable for instruments and containers and twin lateral drying fans in a single chamber, which creates the unique configuration of Concept 15.30 to maximise department throughput.

The Concept 15.30 offers the opportunity to utilise the same racks, transport trolleys, conveyors, and spare parts across both washer disinfectors. The MMM IMS (Independent Monitoring System) gives robust assurances that all parameters (washing, drying temperatures, pressure, volume of detergent and conductivity) are monitored and controlled and are within the required tolerances without the need for a third-party system. This data is then automatically uploaded to the hospital server for secure data storage.




Concept 15.30 is fast becoming the most scalable solution for washing and disinfection within sterile services departments. For more information on how we could optimize your department workflows and to discover more about Concept 15.30 please visit us at:


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