Ensure safe human waste management with Vernacare

For more than 50 years, Vernacare has been providing solutions that help to reduce the risk of cross infection to patients and healthcare professionals. Following the recent covid-19 outbreak, ensuring safe human waste management has never been more crucial and Vernacare has been supplying essential products such as disposable pulp containers and hospital macerators to help the fight against coronavirus.



The Vortex+ hospital macerator, which uses “contactless” technology, ensures that the disposal of patient waste from toileting and washing is entirely hands-free. The Vortex+ is operated via a foot sensor, which opens and closes the machine lid eliminating the need for contact, reducing the risk of cross-infection when disposing of pulp bedpans. Thanks to our patented technology SmartFlowTM, the machine ensures that waste products are broken down into a fine slurry before being released to drain. Independent tests prove that the Vortex+ system discharges with a velocity of nearly four times that of alternative machines and that the solids content after a cycle is also considerably lower and less variable, ensuring free-flowing drains.

Vernacare offers maintenance packages, delivered by a dedicated nationwide engineering team, who provide rapid-response maintenance and servicing across the UK. Contact Vernacare to find out more: [email protected] | 01204 529494


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