Mediplus Peripheral IV Connectors. Safer, more efficient drug delivery.

Through medical device innovation we improve patient care. We do so by working with global health care professionals to develop new and innovative, patient centric, medical devices that benefit patients and health providers.






Mediplus is a UK based medical device manufacturer.

Mediplus peripheral IV connectors are designed to ensure optimal drug delivery for enhanced safety in ICU, HDU, orthopaedic and obstetric departments. These high-performance connectors offer a wide range of benefits including:

Enables rapid emergency response – the high-flow anti-reflux valve (Coventry Connector and High Flow Y Connector) offers a uniquely fast flow rate for rapid IV fluid delivery and prevents back flow into the IV line

Greater control – the integrated anti-siphon valve prevents free flow and back flow, reducing the risk of over or under dosing during infusion

Comfort & convenience – the removable bridge (Coventry, 2-way Safe-Connect and Chalfont Connectors) helps prevent the device becoming dislodged and keeps it compact for greater patient comfort and manoeuvrability

Ergonomic design – the J-loop design (Coventry, 2-way Safe-Connect and Chalfont Connectors) prevents kinking and occlusion of tubing for unimpeded flow

Reduced risk – the needle-free access ports (2-way Safe-Connect) support infection control and reduce the risk of needle stick injuries

Wide range – single, double or triple infusion options available


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