BIOGEN DUO – The mobile decontamination system that’s safe, effective and convenient

Surface contamination has been implicated in the transmission of certain viruses, including coronavirus, and surface decontamination as an effective measure to interrupt the spread of these agents.

Respiratory viruses can contaminate and survive for significant periods on environmental surfaces. This plays a key role in their spread, making effective disinfection essential for stopping transmission from the environment. However, this is not always achieved by conventional cleaning and disinfection techniques. Our BIOGEN DUO is a remotely operated mobile decontamination system. It disperses hydrogen peroxide, vapourised ultrasonically, and then degases via an associated de-aeration unit.

Unlike earlier generation models, where hydrogen peroxide is vapourised on a hotplate, the next generation BIOGEN design achieves this by ultrasonication, negating the requirement for system conditioning and with much faster dosage rates.

A simple switchover from gassing to aeration then allows the catalyst to draw the vapour from the room and break it down into water and oxygen. There is no need to dehumidify the room either as this system an operate at up to 65% RH.

The whole process is fully controlled remotely via a Wi-Fi tablet and decontamination cycles are validated using ProTak Enzyme Indicators (EI) for fast, effective, and accurate results.

The BIOGEN system achieves a level of efficacy unmatched by standard cleaning practices and other disinfection technologies, achieving a 6-log (99.9999%) sporicidal reduction, making it ideal for use in isolation rooms, hospital bedrooms and operating theatres.

Our engineers can be quickly deployed to hospitals, healthcare facilities, laboratories and even schools and offices to carry out our Bio-Decontamination Service.

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