AI-assisted polyp detector

Pentax Medical, a division of the Hoya Group, announced that it has cleared CE mark for Discovery, an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted polyp detector designed to support endoscopists in finding potential polyps during a colorectal examination.





The system is built in a flat monitor and can be used with any of Pentax Medical’s video endoscopy systems to highlight potential polyps. The menu is self-explaining and uses an intuitive touchscreen interface. 

"Our vision was to bring Artificial Intelligence into the operating room in the most user-friendly way. We wanted to give doctors the possibility to use this exciting new technology to strive for a better clinical outcome and maximise the patient care," commented Mr. Wolfgang Mayer, Managing Director, R & D, Pentax Medical Augsburg. 

Prof Timo Rath, Professor of Endoscopy and Molecular Imaging, University of Erlangen, Nuremberg, Germany, added: "As endoscopists one of our major tasks is to reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer. I'm very confident that the Discovery will translate into increasing our own Adenoma Detection Rate and reduce colorectal cancer mortality." 


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